As Dwyane Wade Begins His Retirement Tour He Reflects On His Longevity As A Player

10.18.18 8 months ago

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ORLANDO — When you ask Magic coach Steve Clifford about Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade, and what makes him so dangerous, there’s one moment that pops into Clifford’s head. You don’t even have to prompt him on it. His eyes just go wide almost as if he’s filled with horror that it caused him while he was still coaching the Hornets.

“Well, like in Charlotte there (in) Game 6 when he hadn’t hit a 3 since December,” said Clifford. “He hit two in a row and a highly contested 22 footer all within like 35 seconds.”

Clifford is talking about the infamous moment involving one ridiculous fan dubbed “Purple Shirt Guy.” As the Hornets led the Heat in an elimination game, Wade started getting into it with a fan in a purple shirt that decided the game had to be more about himself than the Hornets. In that moment Wade decided he was going to make this fan a local legend on the level of Spike Lee vs. Reggie Miller and Bartman in Chicago. He torched the Hornets, talked back to the fan, and led the Heat to a stunning victory. Miami would go on to win Game 7 at home and advance to the second round.

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