Dwyane Wade’s 6 Dirtiest NBA Plays

Let us be clear before we get into this: We are huge fans of Dwyane Wade (and LeBron James for that matter), just as we are fans of all players in the game that we love. We gave Wade his first national solo cover back in the day and have had a great relationship with him ever since.

But that doesn’t mean we have to sit by and ignore larger issues at play in the NBA involving Wade, James and every other player in the League. Today’s post on a national writer flat out declaring Wade the dirtiest player in the NBA gives us pause to look at the evidence.

Here are the six plays from Wade’s history of work that could be considered the “dirtiest” of the bunch. They’re not all clear cut – you could make the argument that some are just hard fouls, whereas others (like blatantly kicking someone in the groin) are inexcusable. Check them out and let us know what you think:

Dwyane Wade gets tangled up with Rajon Rondo in 2011 Playoffs, Rondo dislocates elbow:

This is probably the infamous of all of Wade’s plays, but again, you could likely make the argument that he didn’t do this on purpose.

Here’s wade defending himself after the game:

On the next page, Wade breaks Kobe Bryant’s nose and kicks a guy in the groin…

2012 NBA All-Star Game: Wade takes a hard foul on Kobe Bryant, breaks his nose:

Again, another one where you could say it was just a hard foul to stop an easy basket. Even though it was wildly out of place in an all-star setting…

2012: Wade kicks Ramon Sessions in the groin:

Dwyane was suspended one game for this one. We have no defense for him here…

2012 Playoffs: Wade throws Mike Bibby’s shoe into the seats:

This one probably isn’t so much “dirty” as it is “poor sportsmanship.”

On the next page, Wade tosses Rip Hamltion into the seats and decks Darren Collison …

2012: Dwyane’s two-hand shove sends Rip Hamilton out of bounds:

This earned Wade a flagrant foul call. There was clearly some back and forth with Rip leading up to it, including some elbow work from Hamilton.

From the 2012 Playoffs: Wade shoves Darren Collison from behind on a fast break:

Wade was hit with another flagrant foul call for this one – he was clearly pissed that he didn’t get a foul call on a drive on the other end but that doesn’t make this one right. Collison could have been seriously injured on this play.

Honorable Mention:

2013: Wade hits Lance Stephenson in the head with a flying forearm:

This one is also debatable as to whether or not it was an intentional dirty play, but the precedent has already been set …

Honorable Honorable Mention:

This isn’t dirty, but we still hate it:

The mega flop from the weekend.

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