Enes Kanter Has A Much Better Idea For Thunder Fans Burning Kevin Durant Jerseys

After the NBA was rocked by news that Kevin Durant was moving to Golden State, Thunder fans were in a state of shock. When some of that shock passed, a few fans took it upon themselves to burn jerseys – because that’s what angry fans do now for some reason.

But Enes Kanter has a better idea. Why not turn that old Durant jersey into a new and completely wearable Victor Oladipo jersey? The Thunder just received Oladipo in a trade for Serge Ibaka, and the young guard from Orlando still has plenty of upside.

In fact, the entire franchise has plenty of upside. The Thunder were up 3-1 on Golden State and a fourth quarter away from the Finals, and without Durant they still have young guys like Enes, Oladipo and Steven Adams to go with superstar Russell Westbrook. Under the careful watch of general manager Sam Presti, the Thunder should be able to rebuild without tanking, even if they won’t have a once-in-a-generation talent like Durant.

Westbrook staying with the team is looking more and more unlikely, but even Oklahoma City feels as though he’s out the door, the Thunder have plenty of time to make a trade so they can get something instead of nothing in return. Rebuilding isn’t easy, but it will be easier when players help the fans move on from the end of an era. All they’ll need now is a new leader and a little bit of duct tape.