Exclusive Photos Of Jordan Brand’s Upcoming CP3.VI & Melo M9 Sneaker Releases

Earlier this week, we got the chance to head down to Jordan Brand‘s showroom in New York City to get a preview of what’s in store from the sneaker giant for the holiday and spring. Fans of the new CP3.VI, as well as the upcoming Melo M9 are going to be in store for a treat…

We also got a chance to sit down and chat up two of the designers. Andre Doxey gave us the 411 on Chris Paul‘s latest signature sneaker – which is already released, just not in all of these colorways including the Nitro pack’s eye-popping colorway – and Justin Taylor went into details about Carmelo Anthony‘s Melo M9, which won’t be releasing until the winter.

Check out the Q&As and photos below.

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Dime: How does the CP3.VI compare to the previous CP3.V?
Andre Doxey: Well every season we try to make sure that we’re doing something newer and better. Last year, we made the CP3.V 20 percent lighter than the previous CP3.IVs. So that’s usually the main focus, and we’ve been able to make the CP3.VI even lighter. We were able to make a huge leap from the IV to the V, and now we’ve made an even bigger leap from the V to the VI. So we’ve made the shoe a lot lighter and much of that has to do with the overall construction.

Dime: Tell me a little about the design construction and how you’ve managed to make it even lighter.
AD: Well what we have is a one-piece Hyperfuse upper. However, the Hyperfuse we use on Jordan shoes are slightly different from what you would see on a Nike shoe. Historically we’ve always shared innovations and platforms between Nike and Jordan, but how we put it together is what makes it unique for Jordan. So you see the one-piece Hyperfuse upper here, but it’s put in what we call a Dragonfly layout. The whole idea here was to make the shoe as light as possible but still have the right fit for CP3. So one of the inspiration points we had with him and ideating was the dragonfly. The dragonfly is light and fast, which is the way Chris wants to move on the court, so we drew inspiration from that on the upper. Then when you look at the midsole, you might notice that it’s inspired by the Air Jordan 13. It’s a different sole but is really similar. We took inspiration from the cheetah paw, which is the fastest land animal, and on the upper we have the dragonfly, which is the fastest insect. So we put that those two together and that’s how we came up with the design.

Dime: So when making a shoe for CP3 as opposed to ‘Melo, he asks for a lower cut fit?
AD: Yeah he does, he wants to be low to the ground and he wants to be nimble. His style of play is very much sharp cutting, change of direction, with a lot of crossovers, and starting and stopping. So it’s really about making sure he has a lot of ankle mobility. You don’t want his ankles tied up or restricted with all the movement he’s making.

Dime: What about the technology on the outsole?
AD: On the outsole, we have both longitudinal flex screws and the lateral flex screws. We’re also using the Podulon, which is a dual foam system to give him really lightweight but responsive foam. The white area you see on the bottom of the shoe highlights where the Podulon is located which goes from the heel to the toe.