Fans Gather Outside LeBron’s Ohio Home To Await Announcement

Several reports emerged earlier today that LeBron James would be making a decision on his future at 3:30CST today. Though The King is still in Las Vegas at his high school camp, that didn’t stop hordes of rabid Cleveland Cavaliers fans from gathering outside his house in Bath Township of Summit County, Ohio.

The hysteria began when reports circulated on twitter that police officers, anticipating the frenzied fans, were told by a superior to expect an afternoon announcement from James.


That news took #LeBronWatch2014 to levels heretofore unseen.




Local media even got in on the action.


Fittingly and perhaps even metaphorically, the madness resulted in a car crash just a short distance from James’ residence.


The reported announcement time came and went without a whisper from James’ camp, of course, and the crowd supposedly dispersed. That fans would gather outside LeBron’s home isn’t surprising; that they’d do so when it’s public knowledge that he’s thousands of miles away is what confounds.

If these fans are as die-hard as their presence suggests, wouldn’t they know that James is still in Las Vegas? Were they expecting his wife, Savannah, to shout her husband’s free agency choice at the stroke of 3:30? Or perhaps a flyover with a banner made by James’ sons that read “Daddy Is Coming Home?”

We don’t know, but what we do for sure is that these people are crazy.

(H/T Jon Bozeka and Mary Kilpatrick for pics)

Would you wait outside LeBron’s house?

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