Fantasy Basketball: The Week’s Best Pickups (12.10)

Nikola Vucevic (62 percent owned in Yahoo!, 71 percent in ESPN)
Although Nikola Vucevic is already heavily owned, his recent string of play should get his ownership up to close to 100 percent. In the month of December, Vecuvic is averaging 10.4 points, 11.8 boards and 1.6 blocks, including a 17-point, 12-rebound and 4-block performace against Dwight Howard and the Lakers last Sunday. With a dearth of big men in Orlando, Vucevic should have all the minutes he needs to continue to develop his game. Remember, he was considered one of the better big men in the 2011 NBA Draft so go grab him now if you still can.

Larry Sanders (59 percent owned in Y!, 89 percent in ESPN)
This goes more for Yahoo! Fantasy users since he’s only available in 11 percent of ESPN leagues. I’ve been a little hesitant on Larry Sanders this year but finally, I am starting to come around. My biggest issue with him has nothing to do with his play. I totally respect his game. He is one hell of a defender and brings his hustle every game. The problem lies right by his side, as in Ersan Ilyasova. Over the summer, Ilyasova inked a five-year deal worth $40 million, and 32 of it guaranteed. Usually, when you get paid, you play and this scenario might fit that. Until it does though, Sanders is a great fantasy play if you can take a bit of a hit in scoring. He’s been a defensive monster over his last six games, averaging 9.7 rebounds, 1.5 steals and a ludicrous 5.3 block,s and definitely warrants an add in all standard leagues.

Kevin Seraphin (29 percent owned in Y!, 40 percent in ESPN)
Even with Nene‘s return, we’re still seeing roster worthy production from Kevin Seraphin. Over his last five games, he’s averaging 14.4 points, 8.4 rebounds and a block despite being flip-flopped in and out of the starting lineup. No matter who he’s on the floor with, Seraphin is putting up sound numbers, making him a great add for the near future.

Devin Harris (18 percent owned in Y!, three percent in ESPN)
While Kyle Korver has been out with back issues, Devin Harris has stepped into a starting role and shown signs of the fantasy relevance he used to have. Not counting the clunker he put up Saturday night, he’s been averaging 13.3 points on 57 percent shooting from the field, 5.0 assists and 1.7 steals in that span. If he holds onto his current role, he’ll have a lot of value in leagues where he’s recognized as a shooting guard. Make sure you monitor his games once Korver returns, but for now Harris is worth a speculative add.

Jodie Meeks (eight percent owned in Y!, one percent in ESPN)
Once again we save our last spot for a suggested deeper league add. I know you’re probably sick of hearing about D’Antoni, but there’s one last Laker left to mention. Although his time fluctuates greatly from game to game, if you find yourself in need of treys, there’s no one better to pick up than Jodie Meeks right now. Over his last six games, he’s putting up 12.2 points with 2.8 treys. Unfortunately, he won’t help out in too many categories, but as a three-point specialist, he’s as legit as they come.

These guys were mentioned in last week’s edition. Go grab them if they’re still around.

Antawn Jamison
Jamison is putting up numbers as a starter but even when relegated back to the bench, he will still produce.

Ricky Rubio
This is literally the last call on Rubio. He returns Wednesday and should immediately become at least a mid-tier point guard. Go get him before reading another line of this.

Kyle Singler
Some may have cut him after back-to-back underwhelming performances, but Singler should still be a solid rotisserie play as long as he’s starting.

Andre Drummond
You’re still going to have to wait for the Pistons to continue dropping games in order for Drummond to get significant run. Luckily for you, there’s a pretty good chance of that happening. I suggest stashing him for now in order to reap the benefits in a month or so.

These players will be out for an extended period of time but if an impatient owner cuts them and you can afford to sit on an injury for a while, they are well worth the wait.

Ricky Rubio 
(target return date: Wednesday, December 12)

Anthony Davis 
(considered day to day)

Kyrie Irving 

(should be back within a week or two)

Dirk Nowitzki
 (should be back within a few weeks)

John Wall 
(could be back in a couple weeks)

Steve Nash 
(should be back within the next week)

Eric Gordon 

(should be back within the next month)

Andrew Bynum 

(no set timetable yet)

Amar’e Stoudemire 
(should be back within the next month)

Danny Granger (no set timetable yet)

Derrick Rose 
(no set timetable yet)

Who’s been your worst pickup of the season?

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