Report: Bulls To Introduce Fred Hoiberg As Head Coach On Tuesday

As had been expected even before the firing of Tom Thibodeau, the Chicago Bulls have reportedly hired Fred Hoiberg as their new head coach, according to reports.

Hoiberg’s been one of the more sought-after college coaches in the past few years, and it appears as if the Bulls presented the right opportunity for him to make the jump. He’s the second college coach this year to be hired by an NBA team – the first being Billy Donovan, who was hired by the Oklahoma City Thunder earlier this spring.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Hoiberg’s deal will be for five years.

It may sound like a steep price to pay for a first time NBA head coach, but two things must be considered here: first, a coach’s salary doesn’t count towards the cap, and second, a team should pay whatever they feel is right for the coach they want.

(Ken Berger and Adrian Wojnarowski)