Fresh Prince Meme Perfectly Sums Up Wiggins’ Brief Time With Cavs

It’s important to remember Andrew Wiggins is Canadian. So the long, harsh winters he’ll grind through as a member of the Timberwolves following the Kevin Love trade to Cleveland, won’t catch him off guard. Still, a recent Fresh Prince of Bel Air meme perfectly captures his all-to-brief stay with the Cavs this summer.

By way of Sportsnation’s Instagram, comes this heartrending series of images with Wiggins taking the place of Will Smith. It’s a climactic Fresh Prince scene between Will and family patriarch, James Avery as Philip Banks, and it works splendidly for Wiggins.

For those readers unfamiliar with the show — which aired from September 1990 to November 1996 and was a huge part of our childhood and early adolescence — the scene is from the episode where Will’s Dad comes back, seemingly to stay, before leaving again. Philip Banks is there for Will in his time of need.

Wiggins can handle the cold, as noted above, and he’ll be joining fellow 2014 NBA Rookie, Zach LaVine, not to mention passing warlock Ricky Rubio. Feel free to superimpose Ricky’s adorable Spanish mop top over Philip Banks’ head in the above meme. Nikola Pekovic might work even better because he’s got that gruff Philip Banks beard.

Thanks to the fine folks at Uproxx for bringing this to our attention.

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