If You’re A Cat Person, Then Blazers Guard Gerald Henderson Doesn’t Trust You

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Gerald Henderson did some sports talk radio this week, which can be a dangerous proposition. If it goes well, nobody cares; but if you say something inflammatory or insensitive, it will spread like wildfire.

Or you can do what Henderson did and say something completely factual and smart.

As transcribed by Oregon Live, the Blazers guard revealed his opinions on cats and the people who own them.

“I don’t trust cat people, man. Cats are creepy to me.”

Henderson has a 5-year old Pharaoh Hound, a breed he discovered on the Internet.

“I wanted a dog that wasn’t going to shed a whole bunch — No. 1 — because I ain’t got time to clean up around the house. I also wanted an athletic dog to be able to run around for when I go for runs or follow me on the bike. I came across Pharaoh hounds.”

Henderson isn’t the only NBA player with an aversion to cats. When you see Zach Randolph’s reasoning for why he’s afraid of them, it makes perfect sense.

Why would you own a cat when dogs exist? As a matter of fact, almost every time you go somewhere to buy a cat, there’s a dog for sale a few feet away. Just buy the dog. Dogs are great. It’s like, why buy Skittles when Starburst are right there on the candy shelf? Or order waffles when pancakes are on the same menu?

Dogs are the superior pet. Cats are terrible. Good on Henderson for speaking the truth.

(Oregon Live)