Giannis Explained Why There’s ‘No Competition’ With Dame On Offense: ‘He Will Have The Ball More’

When Damian Lillard was traded to the Bucks, there was plenty of excitement imagining what he and Giannis Antetokounmpo would look like together on the court, particularly as an offensive duo that seemingly complement each other incredibly well.

Lillard can stretch the floor in a way none of Giannis’ past teammates ever have, while Antetokounmpo can pressure the rim in a way none of Dame’s past teammates have been able to. The results should be spectacular, but like all new star duos they have to create the right chemistry to maximize that partnership. What should help that process is that Giannis is fully embracing what Lillard can bring to the Bucks and it certainly sounds like there won’t be any friction over who takes the lead on offense.

Over the weekend, Giannis spoke with reporters and insisted there won’t be “any competition” between the stars for touches, stating very plainly that Lillard is this team’s point guard and, as such, “he will have the ball more.”

From the outside this certainly makes sense and seems easy to say, but not every superstar who has been the guy on a championship team would be willing to cede that 1A role quite so easily. Giannis, however, seems keenly aware that to make the most of this new partnership, he has to make an adjustment to Dame as much as Dame needs to adjust to him to help meet him in the middle. To so, they need to ensure Lillard is comfortable being himself and Antetokounmpo is doing his part by overtly saying “I trust him” and that the Bucks have to “let Dame be Dame” a few days into camp. That should make Bucks fans excited that this duo will get on the same page quickly, and if that’s the case the rest of the East will have its hands full trying to slow them down.