GIF: Gregg Popovich Steals Stephen Jackson’s Headband

New Clippers forward Stephen Jackson has had two runs with Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs. His latest ended acrimoniously before their San Antonio’s championship run last season. But Jackson has no hard feelings and when his new team the Clippers beat up on Popovich’s Spurs on Monday night, Popovich even had a little fun with Captain Jax.

First, though, if it was anybody but Doc [Rivers] and Pop, a few media members would be reaming Popovich out for his laughing gab-fest with Rivers on the sidelines as the Spurs were losing a road game by 24 points.

But it’s two championship-winning coaches laughing about God know’s what, then simultaneously giving the hip finger-point DAP to guys off-camera. Gregg Popovich and Doc Rivers are the cool kids in your high school cafeteria, and we all wish they’d let us sit at their table.

As seen with Doc above, Popovich was still in unusually jovial spirits despite getting blown out so bad. So Pop decided to steal Stephen Jackson’s headband as Jax was conversing with former teammate Kawhi Leonard.

Pop had his fun and then gave it back when Jax and Tim Duncan caught up.

It was a chummy affair at Staples Center on Monday night despite the big loss by the Spurs.

[h/t: r/NBA]

What do you think Pop and Jax were talking about?

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