Gordon Hayward Bounced Off Of Julius Randle In Mid-Air Before A Huge Two-Handed Slam

Associate Editor

Julius Randle may never want to watch this highlight around his teammates. Jazz forward Gordon Hayward looked like he was going to go up for a dunk, but it was going to be rather difficult, so Randle had the opportunity to contest Utah’s star at the rim.

Instead, Hayward seemed like he wanted Randle to go up and try to block his dunk attempt. Hayward went right into the contact from Randle and bounced off of him in mid-air, which seems like it should be way harder than it should be.

This is especially the case because Hayward went up off of his wrong foot, so the entire thing looks super awkward. But somehow, he made it work, and Randle had to pay the price. Playing defense is usually a very good thing, but when it plays right into the hands of what the offensive player wants you to do, maybe you should reconsider your commitment to that side of the ball.

Utah ended up winning this game in thrilling fashion, 102-100. Hayward specifically had a fantastic game, scoring a game-high 31 points and pulling down nine boards. More importantly, he dunked on someone. That will always be the coolest thing, especially when it’s this pretty.

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