Gordon Hayward Rejected Kyrie Irving’s Flat Earth Theory On A Twitch Livestream

Gordon Hayward has spent a lot of his newfound downtime due to the brutal dislocated ankle and fractured tibia he suffered on opening night playing video games in between rehab and watching the Celtics. If you follow Hayward on social media, you already know that gaming is a huge part of his day-to-day life, so seeing him gravitate towards video games while he can’t hoop isn’t particularly surprising.

With the Boston Celtics in Detroit on Sunday to play the Pistons, Hayward jumped on a Twitch livestream to play a little Hearthstone before the Celtics game tipped off. For those unfamiliar with Twitch, it’s essentially YouTube, but for live streaming video games, with a live running chat where fans can ask whoever is live streaming questions.

During Hayward’s livestream on Sunday, somebody in the Twitch chat asked Hayward what he thinks about Kyrie Irving and flat earth theory. Irving has a rich history of possibly believing the earth is flat. It’s difficult to know what Irving actually believes with regards to what shape the earth is because he’s answered every question about it over the last several years with exceptional ambiguity.

A Twitch user asked Hayward, “Is the earth flat, or is Kyrie wrong?” Hayward responded, “I’m pretty sure Kyrie’s wrong.”

The absurdity of Gordon Hayward answering a question about Kyrie Irving and Flat Earth Theory while he’s on Twitch live streaming Hearthstone is an NBA Mad Libs sentence for the ages. We’re not shocked at Hayward’s answer, either, because, you know, the earth is round. Kyrie may have to abandon any attempt to convert Hayward to a flat-earther after seeing this footage.

It’s okay, though. Kyrie seems to be making some progress with Jaylen Brown.