Grant Williams Wouldn’t Stop Flexing During His Media Day Press Conference

After a long offseason following a disappointing year, the Dallas Mavericks are back for media day — both the Mavericks and the Minnesota Timberwolves started camp early due to their matchup in Abu Dhabi next week. With so many new faces on the roster, the Mavericks media day felt like the first day of school. Dallas drafted two rookies in the first round, Dereck Lively and Olivier-Maxence Prosper, that could play major minutes and possibly even start, according to Jason Kidd.

The Mavs also acquired several veteran players to surround Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving and bolster their defense. New Maverick Grant Williams batted first during the media day press conference, and the former Boston Celtic couldn’t stop flexing during his 10-minute presser.

Williams loves a bit, like that time when he dressed as Batman for a post game presser in Boston last season while maintaining the iconic Batman voice. In his short career, Williams has been known as an avid talker both on and off the court, and while that may have backfired in the playoff last year, the Maverick defense will certainly appreciate the extra communication.

Both Josh Green and Doncic poked fun at Williams in their media day pressers about how much he’s talked in training camp so far, and the Mavs will certainly hope that his gift of gab will be beneficial on the court this year.