The Greatest Matt Bonner Tattoo Of All Time (Pic)

Spurs reserve forward Matt Bonner does not light up the stat sheet, and barely sees run if Gregg Popovich thinks he’ll get taken advantage of on the defensive end. But he’s easily the best ginger in the NBA after Brian Scalabrine‘s retirement, and the “Red Mamba” has a huge fan as was recently discovered on Twitter.

Just check out this epic Bonner tattoo!!!


The Red Mamba was stoked when the Express-News‘ Dan McCarney relayed the info to Bonner.


While Bonner might not be anybody’s idea of a star, himself included, there aren’t many other players who have fans this devoted. When someone’s permanently inking their body with your likeness, you’ve arrived.

Bonner is a gangster, but we already knew that.

What do you think of the ink?

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