Greg Monroe And Rudy Gay Remain On The Trade Market, And Both Could Help The Right Team

Greg Monroe, Rudy Gay
USA Today/Getty Images

NBA’s Christmas-like free agency feeding frenzy is pretty much over. Kevin Durant took himself off the market quickly, and the rest of the league’s available players fell after him like a series of particularly shaky dominoes. The only big headlines that remain are a new contract for LeBron James – an inevitable formality between he and the Cleveland Cavaliers, most believe -– and more speculation about ex-Durant teammate Russell Westbrook potentially being traded.

There are teams still hoping to make changes, though, however much they may be beset with complicated trade and salary hurdles in doing so. As ESPN’s Marc Stein reports, the Sacramento Kings and Milwaukee Bucks are still trying to move Rudy Gay and Greg Monroe, respectively.

Both are veterans whose games haven’t exactly aged well with a changing NBA, but both are also on contracts penned before the money-crazy 2016 summer.

It would still take an especially good roster fit for either player to be moved, though. Monroe is a back-to-the-basket throwback whose lack of lateral speed on defense played a role in stalling the Bucks’ athletic youth movement last season. Gay is another kind of throwback: A mid-range specialist who isn’t a wizard of efficiency despite quiet improvement in that regard over the past two seasons.

Both could be great extra weapons in the right culture, however. We’ll see if anyone bites.