This Rare College Recruiting Letter From Gregg Popovich Is As Bland As You’d Expect

08.15.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Gregg Popovich is known for a lot of things — his brilliant coaching and the tight ship he runs in San Antonio, most notably — but flash isn’t one of them. He’s a straightforward guy who will tell you things in plain terms, which is part of what makes him great. And it’s always been that way, even going back to his days as a low-level college coach.

Reddit user korny12345 uploaded a recruitment letter Popovich sent to a college prospect named James Huff in 1981, when he was the coach of the Pomona College basketball team, and it’s exactly what you’d expect it to be: boring, straightforward and truthful, without any unnecessary embellishments.

No empty promises, no pandering, no flash. Not even any glowing praise for the player or talk of an NBA — or even just a pro — future he couldn’t guarantee. All he did was talk about the quality of the school’s program and put it into terms of why Huff should consider them. That’s it. No frills. It’s an approach that has carried over for almost four decades since this letter was sent, permeating every aspect of how Pop has done business as head coach of the Spurs. And it’s worked out pretty well for him.

(H/T reddit)

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