This Woman’s Half-Court Shot Did Not Go Well At All

Basketball is a difficult sport. If you plucked an average person from the street and asked them to make a three-pointer, chances are they’d heave up an airball. And if you asked them to, say, make a half-court shot in front of thousands of people, well, the result wouldn’t be much better.

Which brings us to this clip during halftime from a game in Australia’s NBL. A woman named Sally loses control of the ball as she’s about to shoot and it travels something like two feet. It’s quite awful, really, and easily one of the worst half-court attempts on public record.

But whatever, I’m not gonna kill her for it. Mostly because of that stupid, terrifying mascot. How do you expect anyone to perform under pressure when the Predator is staring you down? Be worse, Australia.

[Fox Sports]