A High School Basketball Hoop Getting Ripped Down Looked Straight Out Of ‘Final Destination,’ And The Internet Agrees

Dunks causing basketball hoops to break isn’t exactly a new thing. What is a little different about what happened in Friday night’s game between Carver and Ramsay, a pair of high school basketball programs based out of Alabama, is what happened when Ramsay’s KeShawn Murphy threw down a little too hard.

Murphy, a three-star power forward recruit who will head to Mississippi State next year, got thrown an alley-oop and finished over a defender to put Ramsay up, 61-44. The issue was that it took him a second to let go of the rim, presumably because a Carver player was standing right under it, and as a result, he pulled the entire hoop down. It wasn’t a rim being ripped off and the backboard shattering, but rather, the entire apparatus came swinging down and caused a bit of a panic.

A few players had to move out of the way or else they were getting hit by the swinging backboard, and as you can tell when the part that was previously connected to the ceiling hits the floor, there was a whole lot of force behind things coming crashing down. The good news, of course, is that everyone was fine and the game will resume from this point next week.

But the whole thing looked like straight out of a movie, to the point that a number of folks on Twitter were able to name the film series where something like this could theoretically happen: Final Destination.

It was so bad that Final Destination straight up trended on Twitter because of this clip.

A general rule of thumb is that it is good to avoid situations in which things that happen get compared to a series of films that are about horrifying and deadly accidents. At the very least, as a number of people pointed out, if the writers of this series want to add a scene to Final Destination 6 whenever that comes out, an Alabama high school basketball game might have provided some ominous inspiration.