Watch This Insane Full Court Game-Winning Buzzer Beater In A High School Game

From the high school basketball courts of Austin, Minnesota comes this phenomenal play, one in which Northfield High School did everything right and still lost in crushing fashion. They were up two and at the free throw line, and missed the last foul shot, hoping to drain the remaining two seconds in the fight for the rebound. Unfortunately, the ball went right to Oman Oman, who heaved it about 92 feet and got nothing but net.

It’s fitting that the game-winner’s name is Oman Oman, because we guarantee someone either playing or rooting for Northfield was muttering “Oh man” to themselves repeatedly. Obviously, when you see a crazy shot like this, the first thing that draws your eyes is the jubilant reaction of the teammates and supporters, and they predictably went bananas. But spare a thought for the Northfield players, who are so stunned they can’t even move. One sits down on the court, but other than that, they are stock still, struck dumb by a force they can’t control.

The most mysterious part of the video is the voice (which we assume to be the one behind the camera) repeating “Oh my God.” The tone of voice is hard to pin down — it could be emotional awe, or it could be crushing sadness. Either way, that person seems like they’re on the edge of tears.

(Via Packer Fast Break Club)