Watch Horace Grant And His Goggles Steal The Spotlight From Draymond Green In His Own Commercial

Draymond Green is an Olympian, an NBA champions, and basketball’s premier cup check artist, but he was maybe the third or fourth name that came to mind when you thought about the Golden State Warriors last season. And that was before the team embraced video game roster construction and added Kevin Durant to the mix. Recognizing this, Foot Locker put Green in a commercial — beside Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child and former Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers big man Horace Grant — about the art of standing out when surrounded by transformative stars. Very clever and a way for Green to truly stand out since, you know, a Foot Locker commercial is a pretty big deal, right?

Thing is, Horace Grant and his magical goggles stole the show.

The story is that Grant wore goggles on the court because he was blind as a bat and they helped him see, and that’s cool, but we all know that the goggles did so much more. In his 17-year-career, Grant played beside Vin Baker, Gary Payton, Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq again. He also, most notably, ran with Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen during the Bulls’ first three-peat before he was replaced like a Darin on Bewitched by Dennis Rodman for the second go-around. Beside those many All-Stars and future Hall of Famers, the goggles (and some pretty solid post-play) allowed Grant to stand out. So, of course, all lights are going to dim around everyone else in the room when he puts on his damn goggles, Foot Locker. How are you going to do Draymond like that?

Anyway, according to a press release, the commercial “features a premium assortment of Nike gear” that you can pick up at Foot Locker. Because if there’s one way to stand out in this world, it’s by wearing the same gear as a lot of other people. And also goggles.