Atlanta Hawks Spoof “Blurred Lines” For Code Of Conduct Video

11.04.13 6 years ago

Robin Thicke‘s annoyingly catchy “Blurred Lines” single has been playing at the gym, the supermarket, the mall, your television, in your car and anywhere else business people can stomp some music into the brain of consumers. It’s a catchy, hyper-sexualized salute to the Miley Cyrus generation while simultaneously providing a singular example for cranky, olds to admonish teens for enjoying. That’s why it’s so incredible the Hawks have spoofed it for their code of conduct at Philips Arena.

In the code of conduct version, the Hawks have employed gyrating cheerleaders, naturally, who mimick the sultry moves of the supermodels in Thicke’s original music video; although, we don’t think there’s a NSFW version, feminist backlash, or the backlash to the backlash. Also, there’s no Harry the Hawk mascot in Thicke’s version, which is why we prefer this one. To be honest, we don’t really like Thicke’s song or the music video, but the code of conduct version is turning us around on the infectious beat.

The Hawks are also “connecting” to the Twitter generation with hashtag words and phrases, just like Thicke’s video.

Local ATL DJ and voice of the Hawks, Ryan Cameron, provides the singing, and you have to laugh when Cameron’s doing his best to lustily croon, “Don’t use improper language, you know what not to say / Don’t think about interrupting play…”

Fantastic. John Turturro does the code of conduct for the Nets before their home games, and despite the actor’s natural gravitas and connection to Brooklyn, we prefer this version.

No one has ever had this much fun with the code of conduct at a sporting event. Bravo Atlanta.

[h/t: David Roth at SB Nation]

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