The Pacers New Uniforms Are So Nice Lance Stephenson Will Buy His Own

Starting next season, every single NBA team will wear brand new Nike uniforms as the Swoosh’s sponsorship deal with the league will finally kick in. Nike recently gave a first peak at what the new jerseys will look like, and all in all, there are only really subtle changes being made. However, some teams are using this opportunity to roll out a whole new look, which is exactly what the Indiana Pacers did on Friday.

Wanting to showcase how their new jerseys are heavily inspired by the state of Indiana, the Pacers unveiled their new uniforms at a fan-based event. The Pacers’ uniforms are extremely clean and have the entire team name circling around the jersey number.

The font is reminiscent of the one the Raptors use, and the uniform sports yellow striping on both sides of the jersey and shorts. The dimensional striping is quite stylish, but it also has a deeper meaning as it symbolizes the plethora of farms in Indiana.

Here’s a closer look at the Pacers’ new uniforms:

The Pacers also unveiled their updated home court, which has the team’s slogan “We grow basketball here” along the sideline, and it also features the image of the state of Indiana with the team’s logo in it on opposite ends.

The Pacers’ new uniforms are overall pretty great, so much so that Lance Stephenson is planning on buying his own jersey. Since he plays for the team, Stephenson could, of course, just get a new jersey for free, but apparently that’s not the choice he’s making.

This is likely yet another instance of Lance being Lance. But hey, if one of your star players is willing to use his own money to pay for a jersey, the Pacers clearly went the right route with their new uniforms.