Isaiah Thomas Got A Tooth Knocked Out After An Errant Elbow Caught Him In The Mouth

Isaiah Thomas is one tough dude. He’s shown this time after time during his NBA career, and in Game 1 of Boston’s Eastern Conference Semifinal series against the Washington Wizards, Thomas proved this once again.

Thomas was trying to check Wizards forward Otto Porter. It didn’t work out all that well – Porter beat him pretty soundly, so the Celtics guard was playing catch up. John Wall noticed this and he fired a pass to his teammate.

The issue was Wall’s pass was a little behind his Porter, so he and Thomas both tried to get a hand on the ball. Porter was able to reel in the pass, but his elbow caught Thomas in the mouth. If you look closely, you can see Thomas’ tooth go flying.

Kudos to Thomas because if this happened to most other people, they would have been completely shook. As for the Celtics’ high-scoring guard, he wasn’t fazed. In fact, on Boston’s next two possessions, Thomas knocked down a pair of threes.

This has been a weird game from the Celtics, as the Wizards opened the game on a 16-0 run. Boston managed to battle back, though, and have even managed to take the lead a few times. This is partly because Thomas has played out of his mind, because not even an elbow that cost him a tooth can keep him from getting buckets.