Jalen Brunson Wore A ‘Luka’s Son’ Cowboys Jersey After Losing A Bet To Luka Doncic

What started with an innocent tweet from Jalen Brunson about a bet he lost with Luka Doncic ended up with an elite move on Doncic’s part when Brunson walked into the Mavericks’ most recent preseason game wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey.

While Brunson, a Philadelphia Eagles fan, was probably embarrassed enough to show up to a game wearing Cowboys threads, that wasn’t even the worst part. The jersey had the number 77 on it, which is of course Doncic’s Mavericks number, and when Brunson walked past the cameras, they could see that the name on the jersey was not Brunson or some former Cowboys player, but “Luka’s Son.”

The friendly beef between the two young Mavs started when Brunson tweeted asking what jersey he should have to wear for losing the bet. Brunson, probably thinking he was getting back at Doncic a little bit, made fun of Doncic for not knowing who Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens is. Doncic responded by saying he’d customize the jersey instead.

The result was way worse for Brunson than if he would have just suggested a friendly payback for the bet. Maybe a Tony Romo jersey or something. Instead, we will forever have video footage of Brunson wearing a jersey that labels him the son of his jokester teammate.