Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic Engineer The NBA’s Most Fun Two-Man Game

02.28.19 5 months ago

Getty Image

Nikola Jokic came chugging up the court, calmly dribbling the ball from his right to left hand as he crossed halfcourt. As he often does, the 7-foot Serbian initiated the team’s offense, serving as the NBA’s unlikeliest of point guards. Jamal Murray flanked Jokic to his left, and as the two approached the three-point arc together, Murray veered into a pick for Jokic’s man, Steven Adams.

As Adams went under the pick, Murray crossed his body, then darted behind him into the lane. Murray’s man, Paul George, was forced to navigate his way around his towering teammate, losing Murray in the process and giving up a wide-open dunk. The 1-5 pick and roll strikes again.

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