Jason Terry On A Mission To Kill Miami & L.A.; Kevin Love Has Faith In Minnesota

09.26.12 6 years ago
Somewhere along the way, Jason Terry became more reliable than a Chinese fortune cookie. Maybe it was the first time he guaranteed a title with a tattoo. Or maybe it was during the ’11 Finals when he predicted LeBron couldn’t hold him down all series, and then went out and lit up the King. Or maybe it was this summer when we all saw him repeat the tattoo prediction again, and miraculously didn’t think it was all that crazy. Terry isn’t the guy you want to see on the other end of the Blackjack table right now. So when he says he’s on a mission to kill everyone and everything, and hopefully that includes the Lakers and Heat, who are we to tell him to shut up? Fitting in with the Celtics won’t be a problem – Terry is playing the same exact role that he did for years in Dallas, and brings with him some of those late game cojones that Ray Allen took to South Beach. ESPN Boston reports Doc Rivers is saying no one has a better guard core than Boston does. We bet if you asked Jason Terry, he’d make an outrageous prediction on that subject, too. And chances are, it would come true … There’s also already talk that Boston’s new backcourt is better than the old one. We’re not sure about that – Jesus was losing his legs, but his presence alters every game he’s in – but one thing they do have on last year’s group is versatility. Courtney Lee can defend three different positions, while everyone else can try their hand at two. Defensively, with Kevin Garnett behind them, that’s going to be a small, but extremely pesky group … Sam Amick is reporting Marquis Daniels agreed to a one-year deal with the Bucks for the vet minimum. It is guaranteed. While we loved Daniels on Boston – just because he’s a really good dude and it’s always nice to see them in great situations – right now, we’re just happy to see him stick in the league … Anthony Tolliver is taking a similar deal with Atlanta, says Chris Tomasson. Tolliver had said that once he saw Lou Amundson agree to a contract with the ‘Wolves, he was already out the door in Minnesota … Finally, D.J. White has reached an agreement with… the Shanghai Sharks, Yahoo! Sports reports … And it sounds like Rasheed Wallace really does have an offer from New York. The New York Post reports the Knicks have a contract on the table, and it’s all up to Uncle ‘Sheed whether or not he wants to come back. Is this really happening? We joked yesterday about the Knicks going after every available old man. But we didn’t know how serious they were. Did they not watch Wallace’s final year in Boston? He had man boobs … Keep reading to see who signed with Jordan Brand …

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