Jaylen Brown And Georges Niang Got Technical Fouls After Niang Grabbed Brown’s Leg From The Sixers’ Bench

Tensions were high during Game 7 of Eastern Conference Semifinal between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. With the stakes as high as we’ve seen in a game this season, it seemed like only a matter of time until someone was going to be assessed a technical foul. And with just under seven minutes left in the second quarter as the Celtics were in the midst of a run to cut into a Sixer lead, the first techs of the game were handed out.

Jaylen Brown chased down a rebound off of a miss by Tobias Harris, which led to Brown running into some players on Philadelphia’s bench. While Brown was trying to get out of there and run to the other end of the floor, Philly forward Georges Niang reached out and grabbed his leg, preventing him from getting back on defense. Brown didn’t appreciate this, so he started to chirp with Philadelphia’s bench while his teammates were on offense.

Robert Williams ran right over to try and get Brown out of there, which eventually happened. Brown was assessed a technical right away, while the referees needed to go to the monitor to see that Niang grabbed hold of his leg, which earned him a technical foul as well.