Jayson Tatum Gave Kevin Hart One Of His Son Deuce’s Jerseys To See If It’d Fit Him

Jayson Tatum is getting set for his seventh season with the Boston Celtics, as the former No. 3 overall pick has become one of the NBA’s premier stars, making the Celtics a perennial contender in the East. That said, this year’s team looks a bit different with Kristaps Porzingis in town and Marcus Smart and Grant Williams now gone, as the organization looked to change course a bit after falling flat in the Eastern Conference Finals a year ago.

Like many NBA stars, the weeks leading into camp are also about getting out and doing the media rounds, and Tatum made a stop in on the season premiere of Kevin Hart’s “Cold As Balls” show, where the comedian can’t actually get in the cold tub right now after tearing his abductors trying to race someone. Tatum discussed the new-look Celtics and how it’s both exciting to have Porzingis and a hopefully more dynamic offense and sad going into the season without Smart and Grant given their importance to the team in previous years.

However, prior to all of that, Tatum had a present for Hart, bringing one of his son Deuce’s jerseys for Kevin to try on in hopes it would fit.

Kevin Hart’s commitment to doing bits about how short he is can get tiresome to some folks, but this is a pretty good one from Tatum and the jersey does fit Hart upsettingly well. The best part is Tatum trying to put it on Hart and being reminded of how he gets Deuce dressed in the morning. Hart, who is a diehard Sixers fan, plays along and tries to insist later that the Sixers (who are dealing with the James Harden mess) will stand in the Celtics way of a title, to which Tatum dryly replies “will they?”