The Jazz Stopped Selling A Poorly Designed Jordan Brand Shirt After Fans Got Mad

Last season the Utah Jazz underwent a minimalistic design overhaul with their uniforms that included a Statement edition jersey made by Jordan brand. As part of the overall Nike deal, teams in the league with a Jordan brand jersey will also sell Jordan specific team merchandise that includes the iconic Jumpman logo.

However, for Utah Jazz fans, who lost two heartbreaking Finals series to Michael Jordan in the 90s, that partnership comes with some painful memories attached. Recently, a Jazz fan discovered a Jordan brand t-shirt at the Jazz team store that featured a giant Jumpman logo over the Utah Jazz, making it appear like Jordan was dunking on the Jazz once again. The shirt caused so much commotion among the fanbase that the Jazz removed the shirt from the team store, per Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune.

This is the proper fan reaction to a man that stood between the Jazz and their two best shots at an NBA championship. It’s been 25 years since those Finals series, but they have some of the most iconic shots and games in NBA history. Jazz fans can’t go very long watching NBA programming without seeing a highlight of Jordan ending their title hopes. For the fans that watched those series, that grudge may never end and they aren’t trying to see merch with Jordan’s logo jumping over their favorite team team. Jazz fans still take it personal, and no one would understand that better than Jordan himself.