Jeff Van Gundy Wants To Know ‘What You’re Allowed To Do’ With Your Second Cousin

04.01.18 8 months ago

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Sunday afternoon matinees late in the NBA season can sometimes be a slog. The energy level can be a little low and the competition a little underwhelming as just about everyone involved would rather be enjoying a lazy Sunday at home in their pajamas.

That was particularly true for the Houston Rockets on Sunday in San Antonio, despite riding an 11-game win streak. Having already clinched the No. 1 overall seed (and homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs), the team opted to rest Chris Paul and just generally came out looking lethargic and uninterested against a Spurs team still fighting to secure a postseason berth.

It was a game, for all intents and purposes, already decided by the fourth quarter, and that’s when broadcast legend Jeff Van Gundy veered deliriously offscript – as he is often want to do – to ruminate out loud about the nature and implications of somewhat ambiguous familial ties.

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