Steph Curry, Riley Curry, And Other Stars Teach Jeremy Lin ‘How To Fit In The NBA’

09.23.15 3 years ago 4 Comments

These are the keys to fitting in the NBA: Communication; Greetings; Sacrifice; Fashion; Dancing; Music. Well, at least according to Jeremy Lin. In his latest and most amusing original video to date, the Charlotte Hornets guard exhibitis how an Asian American who spent his collegiate days at Harvard has learned to interact with more typical NBA stars.

Tyson Chandler shows Lin the proper way to wear pants. Kyle Korver tells him the key to sharp-shooting is knee-high socks. And Dwight Howard teaches him how to dance over a video call.

Our biggest laugh, though, came when DeAndre Jordan and a fan taught Lin sacrifice by having him take a photo. “1, 2, 3, I’m in the NBA also,” he says in a perfect deadpan upon snapping the pic. But much more importantly from a basketball perspective, might Steph Curry have accidentally hinted at his free agency fate in 2017?

After Lin asks how he likes “NorCal,” Curry responds by saying, “It’s no Charlotte, but it’s alright.” You’re warned, Golden State Warriors fans. Clearly, the reigning MVP will be heading back to North Carolina soon – this video totally cements those completely unfounded rumors.

But we have a way to turn those frowns upside down, ‘Dub Nation. In the outtakes, Lin and Curry bring out the real star of this video, Riley Curry, to perform her signature dance.

Warriors faithful better savor the Currys while they can. It’s only a matter of time, obviously, until they take their talents to Charlotte and team up with Lin.

(Via Jeremy Lin)

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