Jeremy Lin May Have Suffered A Serious Leg Injury After A Scary Fall

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10.18.17 4 Comments

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The excitement of NBA’s opening night on Tuesday was cut short after Gordon Hayward suffered a dislocated and fractured left tibia in one of the most gruesome injuries you’ll ever see. Hayward is going to be okay, eventually, but the injury could cost him his first season in Boston. Watching Hayward go down like that shocked NBA players, writers, and fans. It was a bad night.

Unfortunately, the injury bug didn’t leave the NBA on Tuesday night. In a less-gruesome-but-potentially-more-serious incident, Jeremy Lin had to leave Wednesday night’s game against the Indiana Pacers in what looked like a pretty serious knee injury.

The footage doesn’t look nearly as bad as Hayward’s did, but Lin’s reaction here is depressing. You can see him clutching his knee and muttering “I’m done, I’m done, I’m done.” We don’t know the severity of Lin’s injury just yet, but it certainly doesn’t look good.

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