Lie Witness News Hits The Streets Of L.A. To Ask Fans About The Clippers Making The NBA Finals

06.05.15 3 years ago 3 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show isn’t just good for mean tweets; he’s also taken up the torch from Jay Leno of publicizing the idiocy of everyday folk, and we thank him for it. In this edition of “Lie Witness News,” a segment in which Kimmel gets people on the street to comment on fake news stories as if they’re real because they want to seem smart, he asks the people of Los Angeles what they think about the Clippers making the NBA Finals. For the sake of the segment, the producers didn’t air the (I hope) dozens of people who probably responded, “The Clippers aren’t in the Finals, dum-dum! They collapsed in gut-wrenching fashion and THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME.”

What they did air were a handful of people who (among other things) acted like they saw a t-shirt cannon tragedy (never happened), seemed to believe that Game 8 is a thing in the NBA Playoffs (it’s not), and didn’t see being eliminated as an obstacle for the Clippers’ title hopes (it is). When will people learn that wanting to seem smart without actually being smart never works? (Actually, it works all the time; that’s how people get jobs on television.)

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