Who Was Picking Steve Nash’s Nose On The Big Screen At All-Star Saturday Night?

During Saturday night’s All-Star festivities, the crowd at Air Canada Centre was treated to one of the greatest Dunk Contests in All-Star Game history, but also a special appearance by Jon Stewart. The former Daily Show host was sitting beside what appears to be his son on one side and two-time MVP and Canadian native, Steve Nash, on the other.

When Stewart showed up on the big screen with a bongos graphic underneath him, he of course started bouncing to the beat with his son.


It’s the sort of silliness Daily Show fans know and love about Jon. But something odd happened with Steve Nash while Stewart was front and center. A woman sitting to Nash’s right (viewers’ left) reached out and picked his nose while they were up on the big screen. And she didn’t just pick it, she dug around in it like she was looking for gold lodged somewhere in the front part of Nash’s brain.


It didn’t look like Nash’s girlfriend and we don’t think his daughter is old enough to be her either. So we’re just wondering which random person picked Steve Nash’s nose at the Air Canada Centre on Saturday night. If they didn’t know Steve, which is highly unlikely, then he handled the explicit overstepping of boundaries incredibly well.

(H/T reddit)