Jordan Brand Releases Its First Lifestyle Shoe, The Westbrook 0

Both on and off the court, it’s hard to think of a basketball player who is flashier than Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook. Whether he’s throwing down a monster dunk en route to a 40 point game or dressing up in one of the craziest outfits you’ve ever seen during a post game press conference, Westbrook’s defined by the fact that he may be the flashiest man in the league.

That’s what makes Westbrook’s newest kicks so surprising. The All-NBA guard teamed up with Jordan Brand to create its first lifestyle shoe, the Westbrook 0. It is a surprisingly simple shoe – well, “simple” compared to what you would expect a shoe with Westbrook’s name on it to look like – as it’s black with a white sole and not much else. It’s also available in all-white, and gray and red styles will be released in August. The shoe is also relatively inexpensive, as you can grab a pair for $130.

According to Westbrook, the idea behind these shoes stems from his childhood.

“Growing up, I did not have the access or the means to buy shoes for lifestyle and fashion purposes,” recalls Westbrook. “I wanted to make sure my shoe was accessible to kids and am excited to see how they will wear the Jordan Westbrook 0 and express themselves through the shoe.”

Westbrook also said that he wants people to wear these shoes whenever they want, whether they are dressing up or wearing something a little more casual. Here are a few different looks at the new kicks:

(via Nike)