J.R. Smith Thinks LeBron James Will Play ‘Wherever The ‘F*ck He Wants’ In 2018

09.22.17 8 months ago

Getty Image

Give J.R. Smith credit for one thing: he knows where LeBron James will be playing in 2018.

More specifically, he knows that the decision is up to LeBron and LeBron alone. Smith was asked about James’ future with the Cavs and his looming free agency earlier this week, and TMZ cameras were there to capture the uncomfortable incident where a vulgar Smith was frank about where LeBron might be headed next summer.

Smith is clearly not in the mood to answer questions. It’s also far from a press conference. It appears that someone caught up with Smith outside of a club of some kind. Security tries to swat away the camera a few times, but it remains rolling and catches Smith’s answer when he’s asked some questions about LeBron and the Cavs.

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