A Gigantic Brawl Broke Out At The End Of Kansas-Kansas State

Kansas State and Kansas do not like one another. The in-state and conference foes compete against one another in everything, and while tensions can get heated whenever two rivals go head-to-head, Tuesday night’s game at Phog Allen Fieldhouse took things to a completely different level.

The third-ranked Jayhawks were up 81-59 and trying to get to the locker room with a comfortable win when Wildcat wing DaJuan Gordon got the ball and tried getting one last bucket before the game ended. He was met at the rim by Silvio De Sousa, who emphatically blocked his layup attempt with authority.

De Sousa proceeded to stand over Gordon as the buzzer sounded, which did not sit well with Kansas State’s players. Some shoving happened, benches cleared, things spilled into the stands, unches were thrown, coaches were doing whatever they could to make sure no one got expelled from school, and at one point, De Sousa looked primed to use a stool against someone else before a coach pulled it out of his hands.

It was a chaotic scene, one that was made even weirder by the fact that after everyone was separated and went to the locker rooms, the officials put a second back on the clock due to a new rule that requires games to be 100 percent completed. This is, assuredly, not the last we’re going to hear about this one — it seems fair to speculate that De Sousa isn’t playing basketball again in a Kansas uniform for a while.