No One Knows What To Make Of Kanye’s Yeezy-D Rose Sneaker Tease

Kanye West decided to tease some things he’s working on (outside of the music space) on Twitter over the weekend, with what appeared to be an art installation as well as browsing “underwater homes,” but what raised the most eyebrows was his tease of a Yeezy-Derrick Rose sneaker collaboration with adidas.

The Yeezy line recently debuted its first hoops sneaker — which is banned from being worn on an NBA court because of the reflective material on it — and it appears the next evolution in Kanye dabbling in the hoops space will come with fellow Chicagoan Derrick Rose, who has spent a decade with adidas, himself.

The problem is, no one knows what the hell to make of the picture Kanye put on Twitter on Saturday night teasing the collaboration, because, well, it looks more like an air filter or the cutout of a foam mattress they use to show you all the layers.

Kanye always loves pushing the boundaries of, well, everything — for better or worse — and the Yeezy-D Rose certainly would count as an avant garde attempt at a basketball sneaker. I am unsure how it’s supposed to fit snugly to one’s foot or what kind of support it provides, but it is certainly different. I think that’s about the nicest thing I can say. We will see if this ever actually comes to fruition from what is clearly, right now, a wild concept, but all I know is if it does, whether it’s actually functional or not, hypebeasts will be at your local court wearing these styrofoam coolers on their feet.