Kawhi Leonard Can Knock Down A Half-Court Shot With The Ease Of A Layup

The best basketball players America has to offer are all gathered together in Las Vegas for a Team USA mini-camp. The camp isn’t rigorous by any means. It’s just an opportunity for the Team USA program to build some camaraderie. Not to be outdone by Klay Thompson, Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard showed off some impressive range when he knocked down this half-court shot like it was nothing. I’m sure it impressed his new teammate LaMarcus Aldridge, who was also in attendance for the Team USA mini-camp.

Even more impressive than the shot, Kawhi is rocking a brand new beard. It’s not on a James Harden level yet, but if Kawhi is going to make that superstar level leap, he’s going to need the facial hair to match.

(via NBA)