Kendrick Perkins Ate Too Much Pasta At A Season Ticket Holders Event

Last weekend the New Orleans Pelicans held a season ticket holders appreciation day which included standard events like kids shooting free throws, players signing autographs, and locker-room tours. Before the players were sent out to mingle in their assigned stations, they passed through a small holding area where VIPs were allowed to mix it up with the players.

The first crew to appear was the trio of Eric Gordon, Jrue Holiday, and Kendrick Perkins — the latter of whom went straight to the macaroni and cheese trio station. Perk’s handler gave him grief, letting him know the food set up was for the fans. But everyone’s favorite backup center was too hungry to listen.

“If I can’t eat it, why is it out there” he said.

His mac of choice was the cheddar and beef. He put it in a plate because the bowls weren’t big enough. Kendrick Perkins doesn’t care about authority.

The VIP area had player shoes on the tables as decoration and Perkins then insisted that Eric Gordon sign one of them and give it to a fan. Gordon was sheepish about doing so, his body language being that of a high-school freshman being playfully bossed around by a senior. A team representative confirmed my suspicion which was that these shoes were not meant to be given away. Senior Kendrick Perkins doesn’t care about the rules.

When Kendrick noticed the fruit and dessert table, he sauntered over and camped out there while taking photos with fans. This was basically Kendrick’s show, and the biggest highlight came when he claimed he wasn’t being paid enough to have fans watch him shoot during pre-game.

“I usually charge $1,000 every time I wave back.”

Kendrick Perkins doesn’t care about the rules, about authority, or about the fans’ bank accounts. Kendrick Perkins is the ultimate 12th man.

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