Kevin Durant Actually Got A Huge Tattoo Of Rick James’s Face On His Leg

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We know Kevin Durant has pretty good taste in music. But what about his taste in tattoos? Or the size of those tattoos? Or the placement of those tattoos?

KD stayed true to form when he went in to visit tattoo artist Steve Wiebe on Friday, adding a massive inking of none other than Superfreak, funk all-timer Rick James to another spot on the same left leg that is already home to the glowing visage of the late Tupac Shakur.

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"My vibe different, we don't need the shade.."

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The man is clearly committed to this bit.

So what’s next? There’s the aforementioned Tupac portrait. There’s some Wu-Tang ink. And now there’s a Rick James tribute, too. It might seem that Durant is paying tribute to his favorite musicians who left us too soon judging by this list and if that’s indeed the case, there’s likely some smart money to be earned by betting on Prince to be the next artist to grace KD’s body. Or Phife Dawg. Or maybe David Bowie?

It’s too soon to tell, but this is definitely an ongoing art project that bears watching.