Kevin Durant On The Hiring Of Gregg Popovich To Coach Team USA: ‘That’ll Be Tight’

News broke on Friday that San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich would be taking over for Mike Krzyzewski as head coach of Team USA in 2017.

Kevin Durant heard the news from an Oklahoman reporter during Thunder training camp and he had a great response to the hiring:

Kevin Durant: “He got it?”

Reporter: “Yeah”

Durant: “He did?”

Reporter: “Yeah”

Durant: “Oh that’ll be tight.”

Indeed it will, Kevin. KD went on to say he hopes he can continue to play for the national team beyond next summer. He’s a huge fan of Popovich, and he believes Pop deserves the job.

That sentiment is hard to argue. There are few coaches out there who could demand just as much respect from a team of superstars like USA Basketball. But Popovich certainly fits in that category. With Pop stepping in, the team will continue to excel on the world stage long after Coach K has stepped down.

Furthermore, if hiring Popovich increases the likelihood players near the level of Durant continue to play for USA Basketball, then even more credit has to be given to USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo for the hire.

(Via Anthony Slater)