Kevin Durant Made Up With Justin Anderson As An ESPN Employee Gets Called Out

Hey, that’s pretty cool. Justin Anderson — the Mavs player Kevin Durant unintentionally raked across the face on Saturday night, earning a flagrant 2 foul for KD and an automatic ejection — appears to be chilling with the Thunder superstar after the game, per assistant sports editor at the Dallas Morning News, David R. Marx (you can ask him how he got that blue check mark some other time, kids).

Except, as Timothy Burke at Deadspin brought to our attention, ESPN’s Chris Broussard appears to have passed off Marx’s pic as his own in a tweet from the same night.

Seven hours later, Broussard acknowledged who took the original photo without deleting his earlier tweet.

Marx, ever the professional, responded to Broussard’s uncredited tweet of his photo by pointing Twitter followers in the direction of his coworker’s story accompanying said photo.

That was very helpful of Mr. Marx because that story explains the photo further:

Durant immediately told Thunder coach Billy Donovan that he wanted to apologize, but within seconds he was being escorted off the American Airlines Center court after being ejected for what was deemed a flagrant-2 foul.

Durant sent Anderson an apology text immediately after the game, then 45 minutes later shook Anderson’s hand as they visited with their high school coach, Stu Vetter of Montrose Christian of Virginia.

Whether or not Durant is suspended for Monday’s game is up to the league, which “maintains the right to impose a fine and/or suspension upon any player who commits a flagrant foul at any time during the playoffs.” But the fact Isaiah Thomas wasn’t suspended for Sunday’s Celtics – Hawks tip after hitting Dennis Schroder in the face in a Game 3 win, probably means KD is in the clear. We won’t know until the NBA responds, but the lack of a Zeke suspension coupled with Durant immediately apologizing and reaching out to Anderson after the game, is good news for Thunder fans.

Regardless, Chris Broussard needs a lesson in online etiquette, and we can’t think of a better person to give him that tutorial than Damon Marx of the Dallas Morning News.