Kevin Durant Took Aim At The Media For Questions About The Knicks And Free Agency

02.07.19 4 months ago

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Kevin Durant hadn’t spoken with the media in nine days until Wednesday night after a Warriors blowout win against the Spurs.

The superstar has been oddly quiet over the last week plus while rumors swirled about his impending free agency and the growing suspicions within the Warriors organization that he is likely to leave this summer. The Knicks are the presumed target destination for Durant, especially after clearing enough cap space for two max contracts with the Kristaps Porzingis trade.

When asked about his avoidance of the media recently, Durant was a bit prickly. He at first tried to just say he didn’t feel like talking the past few days, but when pressed he opened up about what was really bothering him: the constant questions about free agency and what he felt was unfair discussion about his future, namely by Ethan Strauss in a recent piece for The Athletic.

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