Kevin Durant Is Saying Exactly What You’d Expect About His Upcoming Free Agency

02.03.16 3 years ago
Kevin Durant

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The biggest free agency of 2016 isn’t happening until July, but that hasn’t stopped the entire basketball world from talking about Oklahoma City forward Kevin Durant. The only person not talking about it, though, is Durant himself.

That’s to be expected. The Thunder sit third in the Western Conference standings and are all but officially assured a playoff spot. There’s work ahead not just for Durant, but for everybody on the team. That’s why, according to Durant, his free agency hasn’t been a discussion in and around team facilities. Here’s what Durant said via

Nah, nobody talks about it here. We don’t even talk about basketball outside the court, much less free agency chatter. We don’t talk about that stuff. As soon as we walk off this court it’s friendships and brotherhood. It makes it easier when you have a group of guys where that’s not always turned on talking about basketball.

There’s the possibility Durant isn’t interested in going anywhere, but one report recently indicated that the Golden State Warriors are “significant frontrunners” to land Durant. However, it should be noted that the same story also said Durant “isn’t close to gone” in Oklahoma City. Regardless, he’ll have more than enough suitors ready to pay up when his contract ends after the season. Durant is a top-five player in the league. Of course people are going to talk about his free agency at length. But if you’re expecting any sort of view into what Durant is thinking, you’re going to be disappointed:

Of course the fans want to know what’s going on but I can’t control any of that. I just try to come out and work hard every single day and focus on what’s in front of me and not worry about what’s going to happen down the line. All that stuff I can’t control. Like I said, when that time comes we’ll talk about it, but for right now I’m 100 percent locked in and committed to being the best teammate and player I can be and helping my team get a championship.

Expect to hear a lot more of the same for the next five months.


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