Kevin Durant Gave Zaire Wade Advice On How To Improve His Game

Via Overtime

LeBron James Jr. has been the son of an NBA player who has gotten the most attention recently, mostly because his dad has made it clear that he’d like to play with him some day. But while Bronny still has some time to go until he’s even sniffing college ball (assuming he’ll have to go to college, that is), Zaire Wade is getting closer and closer to suiting up in the NCAA.

Dwyane Wade’s oldest son is a prospect in the class of 2020, and while he hasn’t been given a ranking or any stars by the major recruiting services, 247Sports reported in November that Wade took an unofficial visit to Michigan State. There’s still some hype around him, though, partly because of his last name, but also because there are people who know the game who think he can really play.

Take, for instance, a video released by Overtime in which Wade sat down with Kevin Durant. In it, the Warriors star gives the young baller advice on what he does well and where he can stand to improve as a basketball player.

For how much flack Durant has received lately for his social media antics, this is a reminder that he’s one of the sharpest basketball minds on earth. Most of his advice to Wade is based in the fact that he can thrive as becomes more aggressive on the basketball court. Perhaps Wade will take it, run with it, and thrive, but no matter what, it’s cool that Durant is using his ability to break down the game to help a high schooler get better.