Kevin Love’s Elbow To DeMar DeRozan Has Been Upgraded To A Flagrant Foul And Raptors Fans Will Be Mad

05.02.18 11 months ago


The Raptors controlled almost all of Game 1 against the Cavaliers, but as has happened so many times in the past, Cleveland still managed to escape Toronto with an overtime win. The Cavs never led in regulation, but pulled ahead in overtime. The Raptors’ inability to score despite multiple chances on the final possession loomed large in Cleveland’s 113-112 win.

Late in the fourth quarter, there was a controversial play following a defensive rebound by Kevin Love in which he was apparently fouled by DeMar DeRozan in an effort of stealing the ball back for Toronto. Love then swung his elbows up high and caught DeRozan across the jaw, sending him to the floor.

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