It’s Scary How Much This Disneyland Employee Looks Like Kevin Love

It’s not uncommon for a person to walk down the street, look at someone, think they’re a celebrity, and realize that it’s someone else after a double take. Yet even after doing a double take (and a triple take and a quadruple take), we’re still not convinced this anonymous Disneyland employee isn’t Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love.

Of course, this isn’t Love, because the Cavaliers are at home tonight against Dallas and Quicken Loans Arena is about 2,300 miles away from Disneyland. Plus, this person doesn’t look like he’s 6’10, so unless Love owns a teleporter that adjusts his height every time he goes from Cleveland to Southern California, this isn’t him. Considering that such a teleporter doesn’t exist to anyone’s knowledge, it’s probably safe to put this to bed.

Still, I’m only like 98.4 percent sure that this isn’t Love. Just to prove that these are different humans, we need to see a picture of the two of them in the same room together.

(h/t SB Nation)