Kevin Love: NBA Players Were Happy Miami Lost In The Finals

The public hates LeBron James and the Heat right now. That’s true. Obvious as well. But what Kevin Love is saying has our eyebrows raising. Love says the majority of the league was happy when the Heat lost in the Finals. Dallas is more than three or four players; They are really good guys as well (not saying the Heat aren’t good guys). For those reasons, Love is pretty adamant that Miami didn’t have too many fans in June around the league because everyone was rooting for Dallas. The majority of NBA guys we’ve talked to have had nothing but great things to say about the Heat. For the most part, James, Wade, Bosh & the rest are well-liked. There is a difference between the players and the public. The fans hate the Heat for off-the-court reasons: he’s cocky, he has a big ego, he’s a baby, he’s a traitor, they all think they’re better than they are whereas Love is saying look, most NBA players wanted to see a bunch of “good guys” win for once, a true team, rather than just a few superstars. We can respect that … When we decided to reach out to Brian Cardinal, we did it with the assumption that he’d be one of the most thoughtful interviews we’ve ever done. We were wrong. He was better than that, and he gave us everything from why Dirk is the best player he’s EVER played with to the story behind the Custodian nickname. Thank us later … Is there beef between Marcin Gortat and Robin Lopez? There’s a real chance. Gortat says Lopez lied to him when they first met and didn’t give the new guy the proper details for practice. Gortat ended up getting in trouble for being late. So now The Polish Hammer is on the offensive, saying Lopez had a chance in this league for the last two years to develop himself and he didn’t do it. Gortat wants his teammate to know, basically, I took your spot and you’re not getting it back. The whole situation is comical. How hard must it have been for Lopez to lie? He seems like a pretty straight shooter. Either way, this works for Phoenix. Lopez is a perfect backup big man, and Gortat is better anyways … At least we know Carmelo isn’t the next Tugg Speedman … Some of the Dime crew took in one of Aquille Carr‘s summer league games last night. The dude showed up a few minutes after the tip, rocking Josh Selby‘s Kansas shorts and it was on. Even though his squad lost, there’s nothing like watching a 5-6 rocket that finishes EVERYTHING inside. It’s incredible to watch … This question seems to be pretty prominent this summer: what should the Suns do with Steve Nash? Can we be selfish and push for a trade since we want to see him make moves in the playoffs? It’s hard to think Nash really wants to stay there just because we’re so used to veterans title-chasing … The thing we will never understand about the lockout is why the two sides take so long in between meetings. Do negotiations really get that heated? People catching feelings? The two sides have agreed to again meet this Monday for the first time since June and now with the NFL lockout over, it’s make or break time. All we want is some progress, some hope … And do you think you know the best player to ever come out of Philly? If you do, we have some more free gear for you … We’re out like love for the Heat.

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